Welcome to my world. I draw goddesses, witches, monster girls, and other fantasy beings.

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★ Kipheo ★

Starfire Designs

I have been creating art for social media influence for over 15 years. I began on DA as a teenager and did mostly commission work, and also sold character designs ("adoptables').
My main influences are anime and western cartoon animation, but I am able to draw realism or adapt other styles.In case you haven't noticed yet, I am in love with moons, stars, and far-away worlds. You can view my image collections & free resources on PinterestMost of my artwork is sketched in Procreate or Photoshop, with occasional drawings being sketched on paper then imported via my device's camera. All of my artwork is hand-drawn, and references are only used mid-way through the drawing just to make corrections so that they do not overpower my own ideas.You can view timelapses on my TikTok or Instagram reels!Storycrafting
I LOOOOVE making stories! I have a lengthy list of characters I have created that belong to elaborate worlds all inside my head. The Kimoji is the first big NFT project that incorporated a brand new story, world, and character designs.
Education & Librarianship
I graduated with a Masters in Library Science (MLS) in 2013.
I have been a teen services librarian for almost 10 years now. I teach art & technology to our students in a wide variety of platforms, whether it is traditional sketching or creating AR/VR artwork.
In addition I teach robotics, coding, game development, 3D Printing & modeling, and creative writing.As librarians we also do outreach to our community and schools, advocate for youth well-being and education, provide resources to troubled youth and LGBTQIA+ individuals.Motherhood
I gave birth to my daughter in October 2019, just prior to the Covid pandemic outbreak. It has been a LOOONG two years. Being a new parent is its own wild, exhausting experience--but being a mother that is completely isolated from her community is a whole other story. However, we survived, and we consider our adventure into web3 to be an analogue for moving forward to an exciting future full of possibility.
Mental Health
Both women's health and mental health are subjects I deeply care about. The lack of access especially in the USA to affordable mental health care and the stigma that still surrounds it is a serious problem. Our Kimoji Project supports NAMI.org initiatives and periodically donates to their cause.
I am high functioning ADHD, suffer from mood disorders and take medication for anxiety.Other Interests
I love anime, ramen, rainstorms, reading fantasy books, and playing video games!